사회공헌 개요

DAEBO Social Contribution

Creating a better world
by sharing generously

Daebo’s promise to create a prosperous future!

DAEBO Group has actively shared profits we have earned with our neighbors in need based on the philosophy of the founder, Dung-kyu Choi, who always believed 'profits of an enterprise must be used for those who need help'. By generously sharing with our neighbors, we bring warmth to life

Green Concert

DAEBO Green Concert

The east course fairway, Seowon Hills,
turned into a parking lot for the charity concert

Working together
to make a better world

Seowon Valley Charity Green Concert is part of our social contribution efforts, which is held on the fairways with Korean K-Pop stars by Korean Wave stars. The golf fairways and bunkers turn into a playground for children and parents and a parking lot (9 holes).

On the day of the charity concert,
the profits from a charity bazaar and
sales of Food, are donated to Love Wheelchair,
Paju Orphanage, and Gwangtan-myeon.

The number of attendees to the concert was
accumulated to 400,000 in 2018.

Seowon Valley Green Concert, which began in 2000, received
the Commendation of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister in 2012,
the Contribution Prize from the Prime Minster for the support to persons
with disabilities, and the Talent Sharing Contribution Prize from
the Korea Talent Share-Management Association in 2018.

Green Concert

An audience of 45,000 gathered
at the fairway for the charity concert

Green Concert

Green Concert has contributed to building
community cohesion and encouraging the public
to have a positive view on golf, and is visited by
K-POP fans from all over the world such as China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, the USA, and Iran.

In order to join the efforts to help our neighbors in need, numerous Hallyu stars donated
their talent to the charity concert, including
Wanna One, BTS, iKon, PENTAGON, EXID, Girls Day, gugudan, MOMOLAND, Dong-ha Jeong, Jo-han Kim, Tae-wu Kim, WAX, and so on.

Korea's only benefit concert held at a golf course,
Seowon Valley Green Concert, is held on the last Saturday of May every year.

Talent Donation

DAEBO Talent Donation

My House Appeared

Bring warmth to
life and the world

Seowon Valley Green charity Concert is part of our social contribution efforts, which is held on the fairways with Korean K-Pop stars by Korean Wave stars. The golf fairways and bunkers turn into a playground for children and parents and a parking lot (9 holes).

Particularly, in 2017
we donated talent to 'My House Appeared', a renovation TV show
by JTBC for neighbors
who have poor residential environment.

Based on expertise and experiences in building
more than 30,000 apartment units, DAEBO Engineering & Construction removed old houses and provided
new places to live for 8 months in Ganghwado, Yeoju, Dongducheon, Paju, and Boeun for people who shared their life stories with viewers.

JTBC TV Show, My House Appeared

Opening of the Daebo Riccardo Muti
Room in 2016 at Gyeonggi Arts Center

We remodeled the 'Daibo Riccardo Muti Room'
in Suwon Gyeonggi Cultural Hall.

In 2016, as part of our social contribution activities, DAEBO Engineering & Construction remodeled a waiting room of Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon, into the Daebo Riccardo Muti Room for the visit of Riccardo Muti, the world's famous conductor and music director of Chicago Symphony. Currently, the room is used by great masters of classical music before performances.

Seowon Valley Country Club has offered to
hold a wedding ceremony every year free of charge for couples
from multicultural families in tough financial circumstances.

2018 Seowon Valley multi-cultural family
joint wedding ceremony

Amorrainbow Tunnel, a landmark facility of Seowon Hills South Course, is provided as
a place for weddings.

In an effort to join this meaningful program, Robert Harley, who is from a multicultural family as well, volunteered to officiate the wedding, and many singers such as Glass Box, Juck Lee, Ali, and Hak-gi Bak volunteered to sing at the wedding.

For six years up to 2018, a total of 25 couples had their wedding ceremony, and we have promoted childbirth by offering a university scholarship to the third child of a couple who tied the knot at the Club.

In addition, Hawnggan Service Area of DAEBO Distribution, in cooperation with Korea Expressway Corporation, prepares outdoor wedding ceremonies free of charge for couples in difficult financial circumstances.

In this way, DAEBO Group has generously supported individuals and groups in need, including the local community, persons with disabilities, multi-cultural families, and artists.


DAEBO Sponsorship

Sponsorship for Seoul National University,
Dung-Kyu Choi, Chairman of DAEBO Group, 2012

Help young ones
and our neighbors
to achieve their dreams

DAEBO Group has provided scholarships to local schools and villages in the country. For example, we built a study facility, which cost nearly KRW 2,100 million for Daecheon High School, Boryeong, Chungnam, and contributed KRW 300 million to Seoul National University for development of medical technologies.

Schools supported by DAEBO Group

DAEBO Gifted Education Center, Daecheon High School
(private fortune of KRW 2,100 million donated
by Chairman Dung-kyu Choi)
Local scholarship (Daecheon High School/ Boryeong Middle School/ Daecheon Girls' Vocational High School, accumulated to
nearly KRW 300 million)
Daecheon High School Development Fund, support
for the ITS Academic Award, support to Educational Foundation,
scholarship to Jeonghwa Beauty and Arts School
Support to local scholarship associations (Boryeong Scholarship Association/ Expressway Scholarship Association/ Jungsan Scholarship Association)
Hanmin High School Development Fund, scholarship donated to a self-governing body in a local community where a service area is located

The affiliates of the Group, including DAEBO Engineering & Construction, DAEBO Communication & Systems, and DAEBO Distribution, have helped victims of traffic accidents on expressways and their family members. In an effort to provide financial support for a child who has lost a parent due to a traffic accident or persons with disabilities and their children, we donate to the scholarship foundation operated by the Korea Expressway Corporation. Up to now, we have contributed KRW 500 million to the foundation.


Students with Dung-Kyu Choi, Chairman
of DAEBO Group, after completion of DAEBO Gifted
Education Center, 2009

Particularly, DAEBO Engineering & Construction is supporting children of soldiers so that they can concentrate on their military duties.

After signing the agreements in 2017,
the company has donated to M.N.D.
Hoguk Foundation and Hanmin
High School.

The Hoguk Foundation aims at easing the burden of tuition
for a solder's family and providing a scholarship
to children of soldiers on service and civilian military employees.
Hanmin High School, established in 2014, is a boarding school
that ensures stable and secure educational environment
for children of soldiers.  

DAEBO Engineering & Construction Hanmin High School,
Educational Fund Support Agreement, 2017

Contribution to ex-FOOD Sharing,
Majang Service Area of
DAEBO Distribution, 2018

DAEBO Distribution has donated 1% of sales from selected dishes served at its service areas in order to support 'ex-FOOD Sharing', program for the underprivileged in our society.  

Seowon Valley Country Club, in cooperation with Table For Two (NGO), has donated KRW 300 per dish purchased by a customer to malnourished children in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. When an elementary school was about to be closed due to lack of students, we offered to run a school bus.

Volunteer work that fills
our minds with renewed hope

The executives and employees of DAEBO Group visit orphanages and nursing homes in local communities every month to do volunteer work.
Not only taking care of the physical and emotional needs of children and elderly people, we hold charity events and donate the profits to orphanages, nursing homes, and facilities for persons with disabilities.
DAEBO Group will continue to develop various volunteer programs and improve our social contribution activities in terms of scope and depth.

New employees of DAEBO Grou also
participate in such activities
during in-house introductory program
by delivering coal briquettes
to our neighbors in need.

The executives and employees of DAEBO Communication & Systems visit on a regular basis local Welfare Centers to prepare, deliver, and serve meals, and wash the dishes for neighbors in need. On national holidays such as Chuseok, they visit and deliver rice and instant noodle to senior citizens who live alone and persons with disabilities.

The executives and employees of DAEBO Distribution visit the disadvantaged in their local communities or invite them to the highway service areas to offer meals. 


Support for underfed children (three elementary schools in Paju)/ orphanages (volunteer work and donation in kind)/ a child head of household (educational assistance and donation in kind for five children in Paju)/ facilities for unfortunate neighbors near each service area (financial support and volunteer work)/ facilities for persons with disabilities(support and volunteer work)

Regular volunteer work and overseas sponsorship

Volunteer work
Seoul Municipal Nursing Home/ Deokcheon-ri Village/ House of Service/ Paju Orphanage/
Chungbuk Hope Village/ Daejeon Social Welfare Center
Seowon Valley Country Club, in cooperation with Table For Two (NGO), donates KRW 300 per dish purchased by a customer to underfed children in Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.


  • KRW 100 million donated to the COVID-19 relief fund
  • KRW 50 million to the restoration of flood damage in 2020
  • Profits from a bazaar at Green Concert - KRW 40 million annually
  • Medical Development Fund for Seoul National University - KRW 300 million
  • Table For Two (children in Africa) - KRW 10 million annually
  • Kimchi sharing event
  • scholarship to a child head of household and victims of a traffic accident
  • 'My House Appeared', a home renovation TV show by JTBC for needy neighbors
  • the Daebo Riccardo Muti Room at Gyeonggi Arts Center


M.N.D. Hoguk Foundation/ Habitat Project / Asan Somang Presbyterian Church / Seoul Association of the Deaf / Republic of Korea National Red Cross / People's Solidarity for Environmental Movement / support to underfed children / Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / Korean Association for Birds / Community Chest of Korea / Seocheon-gun Association of the Disabled / Korea Gomduri Welfare Society / Asia Philharmonic Orchestra (for children in North Korea) / Seongsin Nursing Home / Angel rehabilitation Welfare Society / Lunch of Love / Love Nest / west coast oil spill restoration project / sponsorship to the Korea Electric Engineers Association / ITS Telematics School-Industry Seminar, etc.