The green color, representing nature and life, expresses the reliability of the company.

DAEBO's word mark is composed of an oval, which symbolizes prosperity, infinite creation, and unity, and two dynamic lines which resembles
alphabet letters D and B. The oval expresses the company's gentleness
and stability while the two dynamic, modern lines show our adventurous, enterprising spirit as well as future-oriented attitudes.


Along with the symbol mark,
the CI colors of DAEBO Group,
carefully chosen for the corporate image,
is a key element of our CI communication.

In principle, four primary colors should be used for printing, but application of a spot color may be allowed depending on the medium used.
Color reproduction may be subject to slight variation depending on the property of a medium, but efforts shall be made in order to replicate the colors provided above.
  • green
    Spot Color PANTONE 3537C 4 primary colors C95% + Y100% + K55% RGB R0 + G91 + B35
  • blue
    Spot Color PANTONE 540C 4 primary colors C100% + M50% + K70% RGB R0 + G48 + B80