DAEBO Distribution Overview

Korea's biggest
service provider

Pleasant travel, comfortable service area Korea's largest
expressway distribution company

DAEBO Distribution is a leader of Korea's service area culture, creating more pleasant and convenient services for customers using expressways. To this end, we have introduced high-class services, common to the airline or hotel industry, to this field as well. Based on our unmatched expertise in service area operation, we will take the quality of our services to the next level.

We aim to win trust and support from our customers with our hands-on experience and professional expertise accumulated in this industry over many years. As a result, our facilities were selected as the best highway service areas in 2004 and, since then, we have strived to maintain a competitive advantage through service excellence.

In an effort to create superior service areas, we practice innovative management. Our hygienic public facilities and differentiated service areas make your trips more enjoyable.
In particular, the clean toilets and convenient auxiliary facilities have had a positive impact on the standards and culture of Korea's service areas.

DAEBO Distribution has publicly announced its commitment to providing top-quality, differentiated services for motorists, for the first time within this industry, and has been committed to transforming roadside service areas into multi-cultural space for relaxation.

Company Information

Company Name DAEBO Distribution
Date of establishment April 1995 Sales KRW 600.5 billion (2021)
CEO Kim Jin Kyung Scale 36 Highway Service Stations, 30 Gas Stations
Capital KRW 1.3 billion Major businesses Operation of Highway Service Station, Gas Station and Subway Complexes